Now you can get your Chi Energy Transfer Test ABSOLUTELY FREE !!!
Most importantly, this exciting Transfer Test is as easy as 1-2-3 !!! After you perform this exciting test, you can view our catalog of chi generators here:

Chi-Energy Card

  Once you receive the Transfer Test Chi-Card®, print it out, then cut it out.

Chi-Energy generator


An identical Chi-Card® will be on one of our Chi Generators®

Chi-Energy test Now you can check the energy output of your Transfer Test Chi-Card® by holding the center of your palm 2-3 inches above your activated Chi-Card®.  Make sure that your open hand is relaxed!
chi energy water

Then you can start using your Chi-Card, make living water and charge it with life energy: 

Get yourself a glass of good quality water
Take a sip first, so that you can compare later.
Put this glass on your Chi-Card® for half a minute or more.
Taste again!
What happened:
1. the negative information in the water was removed, so that it tastes as if it comes from a high mountain spring or from a natural deep well, and
2. it was supercharged with Chi Energy.

Naturally, you can charge as many gallons of water as you want while your Chi-Card® is activated. To charge one gallon of water with your Chi-Card® takes about 10 minutes.
To charge a water-fountain with a 5-gallon bottle of drinking water in an office or waiting room, simply put the Chi-Card® next to the 5-gallon bottle on the fountain or slide the Chi-Card® between fountain and cooler.
Naturally, you can charge the 5-gallon bottles before putting them on the cooler.  Charging a 5-gallon bottle with your chi-Card® takes about 1 hour.
If you want to charge water in a store, put the Chi-Card® at the bottom end of the pallettes with water. It takes roughly 10 minutes to charge a
gallon.  Your customers will love your water.

Above all, now you can energize yourself and start on a journey that ultimately can lead you to permanent positive solutions and manifestation of your deepest desires.

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